200 Dirty Questions to ask your Girlfriend that will turn her on

Turn your girlfriend on with these amazing questions

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

Do you know that there are lots of dirty question to ask your girlfriend that will not only turn her on but will spice your relationship and make intimacy very interesting?

In as much as relationship is concerned asking your girlfriend some dirty questions cannot be eluded. Emotion is that other side of a person’s life that controls his thoughts and actions, should not lack the fire of love in it.

If you don’t know how to turn on your girlfriend, it almost impossible then to sustain a relationship or let me say, at least a faithful one; since sexuality is the hidden side of every human.

Dirty questions to asked your girlfriend is very important to be comfortable with as It gives some extreme level of openness to you and your girlfriend to learn of any impediments that can hinder your relationship from reaching that relaxed sensual state of mind.

Being comfortable with your girlfriend dirty little secret can deepen your relationship and will certainly build trust and attachments of her to you.

We also have cute nicknames to call your girlfriend here

This my dirty questions to ask your girlfriend and you can do just that in your relationship right now.

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. How long can you go without making love?
  2. If you could do one thing now, what would that be?
  3. Have you ever had intimacy without feeling it?
  4. Do you need a message?
  5. What is the craziest position you have ever tried?
  6. When am around, what do you feel like doing?
  7. Are you good in bed?
  8. What would you feed me with as breakfast if you were to be my wife?
  9. Where is the naughtiest place you have ever made love?
  10. Do you prefer an experience or inexperienced guy?
  11. Have you ever told a lie just to get someone to bed?
  12. Who was your first kiss?
  13. What size gives you pleasure?
  14. Do you prefer someone older or younger than you?
  15. Have you ever thought you could spend a whole day on my body?
  16. At what point are you driven to extremity in sex?
  17. What are dose things you can’t do in bed?
  18. What’s your best time of having sex at day?
  19. Should we try having sexual code?
  20. What often fills your imagination?
  21. What’s your definition of a sexy guy?
  22. What was your thoughts when I first approach you?
  23. How would you feel If I plant a kiss on your lips now?
  24. Would you go on a date night with me?
  25. Could you hug me before my friends?
  26. Have you ever envision my nakedness?
  27. Where is your favorite spot to be kissed?
  28. What are the things that gives you butterflies?
  29. What’s your favorite color of underwear?
  30. How do you feel when kissing in the public?
  31. Do you enjoy saying ‘please’ during sex?
  32. Do you have any sexual fantasy?
  33. What’s are your expectations in a relationship?
  34. Have you ever imagine us being together?
  35. After our first night stand, what nickname would you suggest for me?
  36. Kissing from my neck down, where would you want to concentrate most?
  37. Do you enjoy making sexual sound?
  38. What are dose special word you could whisper into my ear while being horny?
  39. How do you feel when my hands slide down your body?
  40. Do you like scratching?

What questions makes a girl blush?

The question that makes a girl blush are mostly ones that flatters her and raise her confidence. These question when you tell her how amazing she is and admire her personality

Blushing is the reddening of a person’s face due to psychological reason. it’s a normal involuntary action triggered by emotion.

Blushing tells you how much she feels for you which is more than dirty questions to ask your girlfriend, it makes you understand some things words may not necessarily say. You can try things like this.

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend

  1. Do you know you do always drive me crazy?
  2. There’s more about you I want to know, can you tell me?
  3. Have you ever been told that your beauty can only be expressed by heart and not with words?
  4. I’m sure am not dreaming about what am seeing now, am I?
  5. Do you always wish I could create a dream of my own about you?
  6. Do you know you’re so amazing?
  7. Have you ever wondered how much it cost nature to form you?
  8. I’m always at home whenever am with you, could you tell me why?
  9. Can you summarize everything about your beauty in one word?
  10. Do you know you always do it as a professional?
  11. Why am i feeling this emotional about you?
  12. Who thought you to be this smart?
  13. I didn’t know you’re this fun to be with, aren’t you?
  14. Aren’t you romantic?
  15. Can you tell me where on earth you took this beauty eye from?
  16. Do you really have any flaws? Because you’re so perfect before me
  17. Do you know I was thinking of your curving shape?
  18. you look so tush, do you think its ordinary?
  19. Have you ever thank your parents for giving birth to you?
  20. Do you think someone could afford to miss your sight?
  21. What does the mirror tells you about yourself?

What 5 questions should you never asked a girl?

In the course of relationship, some men have stopped so low just for asking this question. These are questions which are naturally seen as rude to ask a girl and are dirty questions to ask your girlfriend, especially when answering it will make her loose her self-esteem.

Sometimes it may not necessarily seek to have an answer but just to undermine some reaction and event. This must be possibly avoided by guys, not as if we can’t do it but self-respect is of high priority.

  1. Can I kiss you?

  2. How many people have you slept with?

  3. How old are you?

  4. Tell me why you’re still single?

  5. Are you a virgin?

  6. After your first night, did you long for another night to come?
  7. If I was to be your only character in your dream, what would we act?
  8. Sex under the sun, in the rain or in the pool; choose one?
  9. How did you feel when I undress you?
  10. What is your ideal pattern of starting a good sex?
  11. Without saying it, would you know when I feel like having it?
  12. Where on your body turns you on with a touch?
  13. If we had only 1hr left, what would we do together?
  14. If I were to make you breakfast on bed, what would you care for?
  15. When last did you have unforgettable sex?
  16. Who gave you unforgettable sex (after you might have asked the previous)
  17. 79 Do you like having eye contacts during sex?
  18. How do you calm yourself when you’re alone in the room and feel like having it?
  19. Have you ever had sex with song in the background?
  20. What’s your stand on masturbation?
  21. Have you ever try it? (after the previous one)
  22. Are you rough or passionate?
  23. Do you like fingering sex?
  24. Have you ever been satisfied with sex?
  25. Have you ever lusted over a stranger who’s sexually attracted?
  26. (if not a virgin) How did you learn about sex?
  27. Tell me how your first sex experience was?
  1. Does my voice arouse your feelings while on call with me?
  2. Can you read the message that my eye is communicating?
  3. What new things would you try now that you haven’t try before on bed?
  4. What color do you think am wearing now?
  5. Can you feel my erection?
  6. While am away, would you ever try sending me naughty pictures of yourself?
  7. Do you love porn?
  8. When last did you reach orgasm?
  9. On your birthday, would you love sex as a birthday gift (offer)?
  10. What’s your favorite way of starting your romance?
  11. Would you advice someone else to try your starting method?
  12. Would you say sexual stuff to a guy when you’re not ready to try it?
  13. Do you like sex call?
  14. What of trying sex chat?
  15. Have you ever feel horny while sex chatting?
  16. Do you feel uncomfortable for wearing pant at night?
  17. Do you like teasing words during sex?
  18. Would you permit me to take off your panties now?
  19. At what age did you lose your virginity?
  20. Where you so curious to break your virginity?
  21. Do you prefer romance first or straight to the point?
  22. would you say you’re happy for being an experience girl in sex?
  23. What memories of sexual scenes still gives you ecstatic fellings?
  24. Apart from bed, where else would you try having sex?
  25. Have you try sex in the car before?
  26. What of sex in the shower?
  27. Where is your favorite hangout place?
  28. What’s your favorite sex style?
  29. Do you believe on sex at first dating night?
  30. Do you like biting?
  31. Have you done naughty things before?

Is it rude to ask a girl if she is on her period?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriendTo me, it’s very funny and somehow pissing off to ask a girl such a question. What’s your own opinion?

It can even ruin your dating night when it comes to love making because this question can undermine her emotional feelings when she’s very demanding for it.

However, I would advise, don’t start this question by yourself. If she’s on her period and still want you to know, she’ll definitely tell you as the discussion goes and back to dirty questions to ask your girlfriend.


  1. Do you think am curious for it?
  2. Can I plan your weekend for you?
  3. Is there any day you didn’t feel like doing it but seduction made you gave in?
  4. Do you have weakness on bed?
  5. Do you like talking about dirty things?
  6. Who is your best sexy actor?
  7. What does flowers on bed tells you?
  8. Do you like slim guys?
  9. Do you like it raw or with a condom?
  10. Would you say frequent sexual passion is normal?
  11. How can you rate a good sex?
  12. After the first round, would’ve you ask for another?
  13. Medically, what do you know about love and romance?
  14. Can you try love making when you’re on your period?
  15. Where was your first sex experience?
  16. What led to you having your first experience?
  17. Can you play with yourself before a guy?
  18. Do you like to staying in one position for too long?
  19. Do you like oily sex?
  20. Does banana depict something sexual to you?
  21. Would you prefer a busy place or very calm and serene place?
  22. Do you have any sexual expectations of your future husband?
  23. What age were you when you start having sexual feelings for a guy?
  24. What would you say is the perfect and standard age for adolescent to break his virginity?
  25. Are you horny now?
  26. Can sex help in forgetting painful memories?
  27. Can you befriend a guy just as sex partner?
  28. What can you trade sex for?
  29. How long can you last on bed?
  30. As a guy ever treated you badly on bed?
  31. Would you prefer being up or down?
  32. Have you ever imagine having food, sex, and sleep for like a day without doing anything else?

Is it rude to ask a woman her age?

Actually, this is based on the context. If the context is medically concerned, its right to do so. But when it comes to relationships, asking her of her age is somehow embarrassing if at all you don’t really know her that much.

Of course, women always want to look younger and be judge base on their appearance. It does intimidate and makes them feel insecure.

However, on this note, don’t be in a hurry to ask her. Event will certainly unveil this.

  1. Can you be satisfied for having only one-night stand?
  2. How does sex in the dream makes you feel?
  3. Can you whisper to me some reasons you think I like you?
  4. How would you feel if I kiss you right now?
  5. Is sex with wet body thrills you?
  6. Where would you comfortably enjoy sex the most, your place or my place?
  7. Is it possible to sit with someone but eagerly longing to be with him on bed at the same time?
  8. If you come to my place and fine me waiting for you naked on bed, would you be scared?
  9. Would you prefer cuddles or kisses?
  10. Do you feel like holding me now, or crying on my arms?
  11. Can you describe your feelings in one word?
  12. Would you dare have sex in front of other people?
  13. While waiting for you to come out, is it sexy to come out with only pant and bra or only night gown?
  14. What excite you most on bed?
  15. While having sex, what’s your often-repeated phrase?
  16. Would you love teaching a virgin how to make love?
  17. What would you say about romance before sex?
  18. Have you ever timed yourself in sex?
  19. Would you ever dress up just to suit with your sexual desire?
  20. How many positions can you try in one stand?
  21. Have you ever have a time that you couldn’t control yourself but you just have to do it?
  22. Do you enjoy having sex with light or without light?
  23. Has sexual passion ever move you to tears?
  24. What do you like the most that I do on bed?
  25. What dirty thing have you ever try before?
  26. Are you loud or quiet in sex?
  27. What sexually attract you to someone?
  28. Have you ever read erotic books?
  29. What’s the best way to get you fired up?
  30. Can you drive me crazy on bed?
  31. What’s your favorite body type and completions?
  32. Do you have a porn star?
  33. Have you ever sex your best friend?
  34. Have you try sex more than once in a day?
  35. What of having a group sex?
  36. Is there any difference between ‘sex and love making’?

  Is it rude to ask a woman of her weight?

This is another mean question you should never try with a girl, knowing fully well, that asking to know her weight will not be the criteria for being in relationship with her.

Better still, learn to avoid question which can make your integrity fall short. Women will always see this as a ridiculous question and therefore attack you arrogantly.

Women do always love men who appreciates them the way they are, then afterwards; makes suggestion about her keeping fit.

189 Would you try giving me a nickname after sex?

  1. What does giving a fainting smile on bed all about?
  2. Has any opposite sex ever caught you naked?
  3. Have you ever been guilty after sex?
  4. Have you ever been interrupted in the middle of having sex?
  5. How did you feel like losing your virginity?
  6. Did you really feel pain when he tried to break in?
  7. How was our first dating night?
  8. How would you try to pleasure a guy?
  9. Do you think we’d do something funny if we’re drunk?
  10. Would you try tattoo on your back?
  11. Do you like my perfume (draw her closely and let her feel your scent)


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