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160 Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends [ Spanish Names Included ]

cute nicknames for girlfriends

I have got on our list the best, cute, unique and even the most romantic name to call your girlfriend.
Searching for a cute nicknames for girlfriends has always be been very confusing as you have to write guess and sometimes the name seems not to represent her personality or how you feel about that special girl.

Imagine how romantic it would sound to have a Russian, Spanish, Indian, French, Japanese, Jamaican and even African nickname for your girl friend.

What is a Nickname?

A Nickname is a known or familiar that may have been given to a person / animal or assign to a thing in place of the real or official name.


cute nickname for girlfriends

special names for your girlfriend is essential in a relationship as this could be the magic you need to sweep her off her feet.

Here are lovely names for your girlfriend you could choose from

List of Cute Nicknames for Girlfriends

cute names to call your girlfriend

  1. Honey – The elegant show of romance, this name is sure as sweet as honey.
  2. Pumpkin — For the love of pumpkin, i have an article on pumpkin here.
  3. Cinderella – Cinderella which is derived from a fantasy fairytale princess may mean that you see a princess in her.
  4. Angel — i believe this name is reserved for a girl who has a good heart.
  5. Boo – this should be perfect you find her to be sexy.
  6. Cutie-pie – this girl must be adorable and charming.
  7. Barbie Doll — This is another dose of cuteness and neatness in one person.
  8. Darling – she must be dearly loved. this girl may probably stay forever.
  9. Magic – just when she bring magic into your live or you intend to spend magical moment with her.
  10. Duggu — If she is a girl with love, care, and affection.
  11. Doll — Doll may abbreviate darling but this name may be a hit for most girl.
  12. Dimples — Girls with dimples are generally pretty, this name is reserved for them.
  13. Candy — an entertaining girlfriend can go with this.
  14. Gorgeous – This is one very charming name that girls love.
  15. Snuggly – If you love to snuggle with your girlfriend.
  16. Dove – This is a name for girl with a pure heart.
  17. Cupcake — Hmmmmm she must have the sweetness of cake.
  18. Cookie — if she is as sweet as cookies, then this must be the name for your .
  19. Chocopie — this is a cute name for that classy and stylish girlfriend.
  20. Dream Girl– Oh! she must be that dream girl of yours, the one you fantasize alots about.
  21. Dobby — That girl is alway there for you, this is a name for her.
  22. Dreamy — That girl you never thought of having and now she is yours.
  23. Spring – This is a girlfriend that add brightness and colour your life.
  24. Joy – Now she has brought joy to your life or you feel the joy of being with her.
  25. Lamb – this girlfriend is loyal to your relationship.

Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

  1. Queen – this Queen of your heart must have won your heart.
  2. Button – This girl must have been cute and you know her right touch.
  3. Lover-Girl – The one you truly love.
  4. Baby Cheeks – she has adorable smiles and looks.
  5. Baby Doodle – This awesome name is for the girl who you find stylish
  6. Baby Face – if you robbed the cradle then this is for her.
  7. Little Muppet – This is a lovely way for trying out new flame.
  8. Lollipop – This is not common but you are used to her.
  9. Love – This is the perfect pet name of all times and still commonly used.
  10. Love Bug – she has the perfect attachment to your heart.
  11. Sugar Mama – She spice up the relationship with care.
  12. Sugar Pie – She must be sweeter than sugar.
  13. Sunshine – This girl brings brightness to your day.
  14. Supergirl – This is a pet name for a girl who conquered your heart
  15. Sweet Cheeks – She is as adorable as a fairy doll.
  16. Sweetheart – this is also commonly used but wins the heart easily.
  17. Sweetie Pie – Just like sweetheart, this not only wins the heart but brings out the sweetness in her.
  18. Sweetness – She makes your day sweet as ever.
  19. Temptress – her love sweeps you off your feet.
  20. Treasure – this seems old fashion but quite nice and romantic
  21. My Angel – this names comes cos she is caring and beautiful.
  22. My Beloved – At this point, she is in your every thought.
  23. My Buttercup – when you love to try something special.
  24. My Heart – this pet name sounds rewarding.
  25. Peach – This girlfriend is cute and delightful.
  26. Daisy – this nickname show that she is as delicate as a flower.
  27. Happiness – This is when the thought of her makes you smile for no reason, she is the reason for your happiness.
  28. Boo – If she is young and you find her sexy.
  29. My All – If she means more than everything to you.
  30. All Mine – this does not means that you are possessive, this is quiet a good pet name.
  31. Ninja — This is a very nice nickname for a smart girlfriend. she would surely like this name.
  32. Princess — this cute and lovely name for a girl who deserve your attention.

Funny Nicknames for Girlfriends

Funny Nicknames for Girlfriends

  1. Pikachu — This one unique nicknames for your girlfriend makes her feel special.
  2. Shona — It means she is very cute and pretty.
  3. Shining Star — This girl is so attractive and her love is radiant.
  4. Shizuka — This famous cartoon character name can be used if she is cute.
  5. Tiger — If she is wild and fierce for those who love wild animals.
  6. Twinkle — The girl friend who is charming and with a good fashion sense.
  7. Teddy/ Teddy Bear — The girlfriend Who looks cute and fluffy, she is also playful.
  8. Teeny — A lovely pet name for a short girlfriend.
  9. Cutie Head – A little silly of a girlfriend.
  10. Cutie Pie – classic for an adorable girlfriend.
  11. Brown Sugar – Sweet names for independent girl.
  12. Bubble Butt – `this is a name for a fun loving and a girl with lots of smiles.
  13. Bubbles – This is a nickname for a girls who have bubbly, friendly personalities.
  14. Bunny – honey bunny, sugar bunny and funny bunny, it all goes the same for an exciting personality.
  15. Icy — This for sweet, neat and clean girls.
  16. Joy — Best nicknames for girlfriend that have a charming personality.
  17. Jelly — Jealousy sometimes can spice a relationship, this is for that jealous girl friend.
  18. Jaan — That girl that means alots to you.
  19. Kannu — This is also a cute pet name for your girlfriend.
  20. Kiddo — This is for a younger and adorable person.
  21. Lucky — That girl so lucky for you.
  22. Lamb — If your girlfriend is loyal, teen this one is perfect.
  23. Lucky charm – the girl always believe that she brings you good luck.
  24. Mithu — call her this name if you want to show sweetness.
  25. Miss. Right — If you have a girl you think she loves you right back then you can call her by this name.
  26. Melody– If she has a voice as melodious as a melody.
  27. Nonu — This is one name that some girls like.
  28. Bambi – for that girlfriend who loves to dance alot.
  29. Babylicious – that cheering and fun loving girlfriend.
  30. Cuddle Bunny – Cuddling has made your relationship memorable.
  31. Cuddle Cakes – This nickname for your girlfriend sounds enticing.
  32. Hot Mama – This is a cheering pet name for an eventful girlfriend.
  33. Hot Stuff – that romantic and cute nicknames for  girlfriends.
  34. Hottie – this is for the hot and cute girlfriend.
  35. Angel Eyes – this is a cute name for your girlfriend that means an angel.
  36. Angel Face – This is for a Baby Face and Love Face girlfriend.
  37. Babe – It lacks creativity, but its a popular pet name.
  38. Baby Angel – this is Unique, but i don’t think it is a cute one – just my opinion.
  39. Kit Kat – Send her some flowers with the note, “Kit Kats for my Kit Kat”.
  40. Kitten – This is a gorgeous nickname to use.
  41. Lady Bug – Kind of cute nicknames for girlfriends.
  42. Cupcake – This is for your everyday special one.
  43. Cupid – The cuddling type.
  44. Dream-girl – just as the name implies, she is your dream girl.
  45. Bandriya — Just when she needs lots of teasing.
  46. Butterfly — This is for the colorful and attractive girl with positive energy.
  47. Candy — To this girl who is more than just a candy.
  48. Cool Cat — this nickname is for the calm and sweet girlfriend.
  49. Cherry — The girl must be charming for this is a very sweet and cute name meant for an innocent and loving girl.

Sexy Nicknames for Girlfriends

  1. Chiku —just very cute and sweet name beyond imagination.
  2. Champ — she is the winner of your heart, this one is suitable.
  3. Chunky — this name is suitable for the chubby girlfriend.
  4. Lucky charm – for that girl that she brings you good luck.
  5. Lemon – This adds makes your life new and exciting.
  6. Pooh – This cute nickname for your lovable girlfriend
  7. Rose – sounds old fashion but makes her feel as precious as a rose.
  8. Hop – This name fits for the fun-loving girl with so much energy.
  9. Pink – The girly girl and all the benefits.
  10. Sexy Nicknames for Girlfriends
  11. Donut – Just as mouth-watering as donuts, this name is for someone who is sweet and round.
  12. Pretty lady – the gentle and delicate girl deserve this.
  13. Suns Baby Bear – This is relatively a fair safe name to call your girl.
  14. Baby Boo – Thou some girls may not find this name funny, but this sounds so cool.
  15. Baby Girl – As simple as it may sound.
  16. Golgappa — This is suitable for the big, fat and sweet girls.
  17. Gunu — To show real love and affection to your girl.
  18. Guddu — For a girl who is good-natured.
  19. Golu — For the classy girlfriend of all times.
  20. Hunky — That hot girlfriend that makes your love-life eventful.
  21. Honey — This has been a nickname of all times, as sweet as honey.
  22. Hugster — That girl that you cant resist hugging.
  23. Dearest / Dearest One – Just when she mean the world to you.
  24. Dearheart – That where your heat belong.
  25. Dimples – she has this remarkable dimples you can resist.
  26. Drizzle – This name is suitable for that girl who always make elegant appearance.
  27. Dreamlover – This cute and romantic name is for your girlfriend who makes your wishes.
  28. Heart Throb – just as the name implies, she is always in your heart.
  29. Honey Bunch – For the girl with all round of sweetness.
  30. Honey Bunny – for the fun-loving and a girl with a good sense of humour.
  31. Honey Pie – This name is suitable for the girl who rocks your world.
  32. Little Kinky – she appear charming and youthful.
  33. Lollipie – The right nickname for a girl who loves with passion.
  34. Love Muffin – a suitable name for the proud lover.
  35. Loveable – Just when she deserve all the loving.
  36. Pookie Bear – That girl who loves to tickle.
  37. Pussycat – this is a romantic nickname for your girlfriend.
  38. Ace — That cute genius of a girlfriend deserve this pet name.
  39. Babe — It is the most common and classic nickname for girlfriend.
  40. Bub — This name is for a cute and stylish girlfriend.
  41. Bacha — This cute nicknames for girlfriends is suitable when you love a lot to her.
  42. Babu/Baby — A special nickname for your girlfriend who is the love of your life.

Cute Names to Call your Girlfriend in Spanish

Spanish name are known to sound so romantic due to the unique accent of the language. Here are several Spanish pet names to call your girlfriend.

Cute Names to Call your Girlfriend in Spanish

  1. Mi alma – This translate to “My Soul” You can call your girlfriend If you feel the relationship is significant enough.
  2. Amada – This cute Spanish nickname translates to beloved (girl) or lady-love.
  3. Bomboncita – Coming from the word “bombon” which means candy. this nickname expresses the sweetness in her.
  4. Reinita – This name makes your girl feel special. this name means a little queen which is cute nicknames for girlfriend
  5. Princesa – This is the Spanish nickname means princess and it is romantic when used on any woman.
  6. Mi Sol – meaning she is the brightest star in your universe, now you know the special one that deserve this.
  7. Chocho – as raunchy as it may sound, . Chocho means a Spanish slang word for female genitals while in the southern region of Spain, the name is refer to a chick. Its diminutive “chochete” is more appropriate to use on your girlfriend.
  8. Cariño – this name is commonly referred to “honey” or “darling”. Please note that you always use Cariño, not Cariña. It’s a term of endearment and its gender doesn’t change, even when you are referring to a girl.
  9. Mariposa – This means butterfly in Spanish. this pet name applies to a very beautiful girl.
    Mi Media Naranja – This Spanish name is the English version of “better half” or “soul mate”.
    Muñeca – This is the Spanish word for both wrist and (little) doll. It is better to refer to a cute girl.
  10. Nena – This means “baby girl” in Spanish and is a candidate for cute nicknames for girlfriends.
    Pollito – Pollito means as “small chicken” which is used among Spanish cultures. This literally means she is attractive, cute and adorable.
  11. Querido – This spanish nickname means darling as well as lover, in both physically and in romance.

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